What Car Or Truck Will You Drive In 2030?

The heart of this episode is from a listener question. Luis asked “will there be V8s in pickup trucks in 15 years?” It’s 2019 as of this writing. So why are we not going to 2034? Let’s just say 2030 is already an epic year. I’ll tell you why. No, this isn’t conspiracy theory stuff. … Read more

Will Trucking Companies Require Drivers To Wear Fatigue-Monitoring Hats?

Drivers To Wear Fatigue-Monitoring Hats This story comes out of Australia. Although this is just a study at this point, dozens of Australian truck drivers will wear the fatigue-monitoring caps that measure their brainwave activity. WOW! I’m not sure where to go with this one, but I’m not enthused, to say the least. Read more … Read more

Navigating The Used Car Lot Game

Oh, the angles we could take on navigating the used car lot game. The wheeling and dealing, financing and warranties are all great topics. Let’s put all that aside for now and go back to the used car search. How did that used car end up where you’re seeing it? I use the word CAR … Read more

24. ProStar Starter Truck – Yay or Nay? Top 10 Stolen Cars

This all started with a Facebook post on the group, MPG Masters. It’s one of Kevin Rutherford’s groups. They’ve graciously let me in and I mostly keep a low profile, but it’s a great group to learn from. ProStar 9900i Starter Truck The post was a picture of a 2002 ProStar 9900i. It had a … Read more