Three Proven Plays For Starting A Trucking Company

Three Proven Plays For Starting A Trucking Company

New owner operators have more options than ever, especially in a hot market. For those going independent and running the load boards, there are 3 common plays for starting a trucking company. Which plan is best is up to you. The one that brings the most income could make you miserable. These certainly aren’t the … Read more

75. Who’s Running The Country?

A few weeks ago I talked about the EPA and their desire to eliminate the internal combustion engine. Admitting to the goal was a former head of the EPA. You can catch that back in episode 72 if you missed it. In this episode we talk about several things that relate. Retrofit Diesel Particulate Filters … Read more

35. The Truth About Kevin Rutherford

Keven Rutherford was relatively unknown before XM radio. It was back around 1999 or 2000 when I first started hearing about satellite radio technology. Dale Sommers, better known as Trucking Bozo, used to talk about it regularly. Soon we would be able to set a station and hear it everywhere in the USA, day or … Read more