Moving Day For The Trucking Podcast

The Trucking Podcast is just like any other business. It’s incredibly easy to spend way too much time on the tasks that bring in little return. In the process of doing so, you ignore the things that need your attention. In this area, I’m as guilty as any in not focussing my time and talent … Read more

Catching Up With Dan Organ, Owner Of Drake Tax Service

Update: If you caught the origional release of this episode, you’ll find I had the wrong audio file attached. This is the correction with the right file. Sorry for the confusion. I had enough time and content to toss in an extra show this week, a great conversation with Dan Organ of Drake Tax Service. … Read more

When Owner Operator Numbers Don’t Matter

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! No business can succeed without knowing their cost of operation. That’s an absolute fact. You’ll never know how to improve if you don’t know where you’re at right now. And you have a lot to keep track of. Truck and trailer cost Fuel price and mpg Insurance Maintenance Licensing, IFTA, 2290, taxes … Read more

158. What Is Factoring? Dealing With Freight Bills

Update: This interview was recorded back in November, 2016. At the time, we had no financial relationship with Triumph Business Capital. Today, Don and I are proud to have a business affiliation with them. This means The Trucking Podcast receives a small commission from your referral. I’ve left the rest of this post episode as … Read more

One Truck And 50 Trailers, Seriously

Tonight’s main lead story is about trailers. Not OTR trailers, but rental trailers. The kind you rent out as storage. You could approach this a few ways, all could be profitable. Rent them to businesses that will have you set them in place. They won’t be moved until they’re finished using them for storage, hopefully … Read more