126. Ready, Fire, Aim, Taking Risks, Dan from Drake tax Service

Short and Sweet Show Notes Taking that big risk, buying your first truck and getting out there is what we’re talking about in this episode. Dan Organ from Drake Tax Service joins us for this discussion. This is the podcast episode that almost wasn’t. The resistance battled from all sides. First, my job had me … Read more

118. Dan Buys a New Truck, Trucker Taxes and A Little Politics

Dan Buys a New Truck Dan Organ, Owner of Drake Tax Service, took some time to join us in the studio. With about 2 weeks left before that dreaded IRS filing deadline, didn’t think we’d see Dan until the first of May.  Having just purchased a new Toyota pickup, I know we’d have a lot … Read more

112. Buying a Used Engine

Hot Shot's Secret, Diesel Extreme

We talked in episode 110 about Don’s truck, and buying a used engine to replace the worn out 4.9 liter 6 banger. You can hear it  here, at 110. Don the Beer Guy Kills His Ford 4.9. It was some interesting discussion about whether to replace a truck, or replace an engine. Bo From Hot … Read more

110. Don the Beer Guy Kills His Ford 4.9

Don the Beer Guy

Don the Beer finally killed that old Ford 4.9 six cylinder. Situations like this bring up a few things that truly test a man’s judgement. So many decisions to make, each decision affecting the next. What’s wrong? Can I fix it myself? Is it worth saving the truck, or should I just start from scratch. … Read more

53. How To Be Trucker Tough

I’m already getting the vibe about my Monday. Chances are high that I will be on the road, bright and early, so we’re recording on Sunday. Also, I’m writing show notes before we actually do the show. Dangerous, but productive. Trucker Tough This episode is titled Trucker Tough for a several reasons. First, we have … Read more