Exciting Life Of A Trucker, Or Mind Numbed Cobot?

In the world of automated everything, we’re getting used to robots. They may not look like C3PO or R2D2, but they are robots. These robots can paint cars, assemble engines, load trucks and thousands of other tasks. Most of these robots are referred to as non-collaborative. This means they go about their business on their … Read more

Three Proven Plays For Starting A Trucking Company

Three Proven Plays For Starting A Trucking Company

New owner operators have more options than ever, especially in a hot market. For those going independent and running the load boards, there are 3 common plays for starting a trucking company. Which plan is best is up to you. The one that brings the most income could make you miserable. These certainly aren’t the … Read more

175. Truckers Are Throwaway People Rant

Truckers are throwaway people

Truckers are throwaway people. Or at least that’s what the New York Times would have you believe. I could write for hours about how offensive I find this article, and the stupidity of publishing it in the first place. But WAIT! I have a podcast. I’ll just blast it here. Oh, and those automated trucks … Read more

160. Trucking’s Electric Future, Does a Trucker’s Character Matter?

Once again, brief show notes because of a crazy week and my own time limitations. Show Notes and Links Before we discuss trucking’s electric future, we have to understand the ruling authorities on the matter, the EPA and CARB. Trucks could bridge the learning gap for big power plants. GM Looses 9 grand per electric … Read more