Fuel Surcharge – 9 Things You Need To Know

The history of trucking’s fuel surcharge is a long one. I’m sure there have been versions of adjusting for fuel prices nearly as long as there have been fuel powered trucks. It wasn’t until the 70s that we saw the start of something uniform. With the Arab oil embargo in full swing, fuel prices skyrocketed. Trucking … Read more

Truckers and Recruiters team up, Tweener Loads

I’ve just returned home from 2 days at the Waupun Truck-N-Show. Waupun, WI is a town of about 11,000. Located about 85 miles south of Green Bay, it was best to just get rooms and stay close to the 2 day event. The task at hand was recruiting a few drivers. This year’s team consisted of … Read more

181. One Spendy Oversize Load

Rather than spell it all out here, you can catch the YouTube video to get an idea of the scale of this rig with a total weight of 560,000 pounds. It’s been sitting in a Rhode Island Park and Ride lot for several days while the permit issue was worked out. https://youtu.be/2kjH80iciwQVideo can’t be loaded … Read more

143. That Can’t Miss Podcast Episode

The Trucking Podcast

If You’re like me, you download podcasts once or twice a week when you have access to free WiFi. Let’s face it. Downloading podcasts can really suck up a lot of data on your wireless plan. What About That Can’t Miss Podcast Episode We all have those favorites, the can’t miss podcast episodes that we … Read more