136. How To Stay Awake And Drive All Night, Dan Joins Us Once Again

The Trucking PodcastDan The Tax Man joins us for this episode. It should be fun. Once again I’m writing the post ahead of our actually recording the show. Here’s how it should go, but you know how accurate we are when it comes to sticking to an outline.

Round Table Discussion About The Election

I don’t want to spend more than about 15 minutes on this one, but we have a wide age group here with the three of us. I’m interested in what everyone thinks. If you don’t like it, fast forward 15 minutes. Here are the topics I plan on bringing up.

  • How many jobs that left the country are still there to bring back.
  • Technology replacing white collar jobs.
  • Hot jobs of the future.

Dan’s View Of The Hot Crazy Women’s Matrix

Don and I talked about this last week in episode 135. We want to hear Dan’s thoughts.


More On Risk Management

We discussed risk management and getting started as an owner operator a few weeks ago in episode 131. I’ve heard from several of you about cash reserves and home equity lines of credit. I thought we’d run these views past Dan and get his thoughts.

Drive All Night

You’ll have to hear this one. It’s a great teaser though. I’m sure I wont be trying it any time soon, but I totally see the logic.

When Will TPC Return To Normal?

As you know, I started a new trucking job last month. The terminal is in Green Bay, WI. The great part of this job is how it works around the podcast, but I will have to commute the 240 miles each way until then. We also have a vacation planned in August so it’ll be crazy until September.

We do have some great plans for the show once the move is done. Stay tuned……..