Start a Successful Trucking Company – By Defining Success

The Future of Trucking

In this post I’ll be talking about how to start a successful trucking company. Whether you just bought your first truck or you’re adding to your fleet, it’s never too late to go back to some basics and define the success you’re trying to achieve.

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Think, Talk and Act Like a Business Man

  1. Whether you’re buying trucks, finding freight or interviewing a potential new driver, you need to convey the title of a business owner, not a trucker that owns a truck or two. How you act defines how you’re treated. The big companies hire someone for each of these tasks. You wear each hat yourself. You’re not just a recruiter, you’re the head of recruiting, buying, load planning or whatever hat you’re wearing at the time. Gain respect by acting the part.
  2. Lose the trucker talk in business conversations. Again, you want to come off sounding like a business man. Drop the CB lingo, and the slang. Talk like the person who owns a company. After all, you do own your own business.
  3. Thinking like a business man requires time and training. It’s not just a mindset. It’s a process of gaining an education and applying what you learn. If you’re on the road, you still have amazing tools at your fingertips.
    1. Websites and blogs are a great source of learning. has some well written articles on proven success stories. Not just feel good stuff, but actionable steps and stories. Scan through their Top 50 page. Everything from branding to networking is covered.
    2. Audio books, podcasts and radio shows. Even terrestrial radio has shows like Dave Ramsey and others that get you thinking from a business mindset.
    3. READ SOME BOOKS. Readers are leaders. I use a tablet for e-books. I also buy my share of hardcover books. Even if you add an occasional fiction to the mix, learn to be a reader.
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Define Success

Even if you’ve owned that truck for a few years, it may be time to nail down where you want that business to be in 5 or 10 years. You could be due for some serious branding, or re-branding. Is it time to drop Donny Baker Trucking and start building a desirable brand someone will want to buy when you’re ready to retire?

Find a mentor or two to help you define your plan, and write it down. You probably don’t need a full blown business plan, but you do need a clear picture of your target and the steps to get there.

Negotiation and Sales Training

There’s not a lack of quality sales training available via podcast, but it’s buried in the noise of some of the garbage out there. Don and I will continue to cover actionable steps that will help you get the job done. It should be a regular part of the show. You can’t start a successful trucking company without this skill set.

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  1. My brother has been considering starting a trucking company, so this article has a lot of good information he could use. I agree that you gain respect while acting the part. I will make sure he reads what you have to say about that, because It will be crucial for his success.

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