Smokey And The Bandit – The Coors Beer Story

We’ve talked about Smokey and The Bandit more than once. Most of the lead characters have passed on. Jackie Gleason, Jerry Reed and Burt Reynolds have all run their last chase. Let’s face it. None of us get to live forever.

But what about the Coors Beer?

Coors has been around for well over a century. It has a legacy dating back to 1873. It’s founder, Adolph Coors was definitely a man of passion. We think it’s an interesting story. Here are some fantastic links to the articles we used for this episode. Seriously, I was researching some trucking news and ended up down a rabbit hole. Can you say SHINY OBJECT?

Website Issues

Growing a web based business is a challenge. The last 3 weeks have been some of the most challenging. After a couple of server crashes that held our sites back for a day of each of the last two weeks, I finally have things under control. I’ve cleaned and updated files of CSS, RSS, HTML, PHP and and MySQL. A month ago I had no idea what most of this even was. A BIG thank you to 2 of our adopted family members, Kartig and Kunwar.

These two were here on a Saturday night, digging into the control panel of my web hosting account. They’re more like adopted sons, but I consider them part of my band of brothers. Now I know how my big sister felt after complaining about her Firebird Formula 400 being sluggish. You’ll have to catch the show for the full story. It’s worth it.

Bad Ads

We found some great Help Wanted ads at Reader’s Digest. We’ll share a few with you.