FPS Industries, Your Semi Truck Spare Tire Carrier Solution

Full disclosure here. The semi truck spare tire carrier from FPS Industries is a sponsor of The Trucking Podcast. That means this is a sponsored post. Anyone who’s been listening to Don and I know how picky we are about what we stand behind, and this product is impressive.

The Spare Tire Problem

I’ve been trucking for 20 years. I’ve had more than my share of flats on the big trucks. It’s a giant time and money suck. You end up paying way too much for a tire you’d probably never buy at any price. It really is an expensive waste of precious time and hard earned money.

Keeping a spare tire on the truck is a great way to save a little time, and a lot of money. You see trucks with an extra tire bungee corded to the back of the sleeper, frame, or both. The vibration and movement of the truck takes it’s toll on the tire. When the chips are down and you need that spare, it’s damaged. Even if the tire’s usable, it’s warn paint off the frame and the back of the sleeper.

That spare tire is also an easy item of value for thieves. Making sure it’s still there, still mounted with your rubber cords and improvised mounting straps is a daily procedure.

Semi Truck Spare Tire Carrier Solution

I’ve been doing my homework on the options, and I’m impressed with several features of the FPS Industries semi truck spare tire carrier. It’s well thought out and designed, and will undoubtedly last for years. It has several features that make it unique. You also don’t have to spend your hard earned money on a bunch of extra stuff to keep your tire safe and secure.

  • The carrier is a bolt-on mount. No drilling into the frame, sleeper or anywhere else on your truck. It’s a simple, clean mount you can handle on your own.
  • The FPS spare tire carrier is a low profile design. It doesn’t stick up high, or look like a modified bike rack. Properly installed, it blends in with the frame quite well.
  • Ratchet strap included. Most of the offerings I’ve seen simply hold a tire. They don’t secure it. You’re still using bungee cords, straps or some other system to keep the tire in place. Now, with the included ratchet strap, the tire is secure. It’s not going to vibrate, shift or wear the paint off the back of your sleeper.
  • You only buy the lock. Even the chain is here, welded to the spare tire carrier’s frame. The only thing you provide is the lock.
  • Quality built, right here in the USA. Built in the USA, with a  powder coat finish for maximum rust protection seals the deal for me.

I’ve had several conversations with the owner of this company. He’s a small business owner who thinks like you do. He knows his product has to be quality made and affordable. He also knows it has to be something you’re proud to mount onto the frame of your truck.

What FPS Industries Is Doing For You

Semi Truck Spare Tire CarrierEven if you’re a company driver or hot shotter with a dually, FPS is still brightening your day. FPS Industries is sponsoring The Trucking Podcast App. I’m in the process of building the Android app as of this writing. The iPhone app is next. Apple apps are just a bit more complex, but it’ll happen.

Thanks to FPS, there’s also a live feed for The Trucking Podcast. Just click on the LISTEN LIVE button on the website. When we’re live, you can stream the show.

These apps would still be a dream without the partnership of FPS Industries. Everybody wins. Owner operators get the best spare tire carrier on the market. Buck and Don get the funding needed to get the apps going. Every listener gets to access The Trucking Podcast via an app and a live feed. Those are a lot of solutions out of a semi truck spare tire carrier.

Your Creativity Is Next

One of the benefits of this carrier’s low profile is the ability to add a custom cover.  Who’s going to be the first to add a custom cover to their spare tire? We’ve all seen show trucks with that stretched frame. They add a spare tire, mounted flat on the frame. The tire is always covered with a custom painted cover. The vertical tire in the FPS mount is just screaming to be personalized.

Contact FPS Industries Today

Order your spare tire carrier today. Just go to FPS-Industries.com to complete the process. Don’t forget to send a picture to The Trucking Podcast when you get it installed on your truck.