Rude Truckers In Women’s Underwear

Rude Truckers In Women's UnderwearThis is the second installment in the series, Frequently Asked Trucking Questions. Last week took on the question Is Trucking Worth IT? Seriously, people are searching for answers to these questions in Google searches. In this post we will cover two questions, starting with “why are truckers so rude?” The second question is “do truckers wear women’s underwear?” But we’re saving that one for later. Seriously, people are searching for the answers to these exact questions. You can’t make this stuff up.

Why Are Truckers So Rude?

Researching this one brings me to 3 reasonable answers. The problem is not just the question, but the situation that caused people to search. Something had to drive them to search the ol’ inter-web. Somehow, these people came up with the conclusion. They just wanted to know why. Let’s break them down.

The Trucker’s Driving Habits

Let’s assume Billy Bob is driving the typical company truck. Even if he’s driving by the book, it could easily be assumed he’s rude. A speed governed truck takes a long time to pass. Billy Bob could easily be in the left lane for miles, never reaching the speed limit. He’s just passing slower traffic.

Merging is also another issue. Trucking companies are training drivers to not move to a left lane when traffic enters the freeway. Now Billy Bob is hanging in the slow lane, and the 4 wheeler’s work around you. And if Billy Bob is just out of trucking school, he’s probably not going to slow down and let anyone in.

The bottom line in this scenario is mass and momentum. 80,000 pounds on 5 axles is going to behave quite differently than Uncle Earl’s Honda Accord. And that’s assuming the trucker has professional driving habits. We simple people might prefer the more down to earth explanation given at, What You Don’t Know About The Truck Driver You Just Flipped Off. 

 The Negative Side Of A Trucker’s Life

Truckers do encounter more than the lion’s share of negative people and situations. Many are forced by their employers to fuel their trucks at fuel stops with long lines. I refuse to call these dumps truck stops, and the expletive I’d prefer to use doesn’t meet the high standards of this webmaster.In many cases, truckers are expected to wait in line for 30 minutes or more, only to add 40 or 50 gallons of fuel. And this stupidity often repeats itself more than once a day.

Shipping and receiving staff can also be anywhere between obtuse and disinterested. Generally, the bigger the warehouse, the less motivated the staff. Add to this the time spent waiting  in the parking lot for a dock assignment, hiring lumpers or being forced to stand at the dock door and count the freight going on or off the trailer.

I could go on and on with the things that dump the negative vibes on any trucker. It goes with the territory. Most of us with any experience know what we signed up for. For most of us, the trade-off is worth it. But it takes a rare quality to not let this stuff get to you in a way that doesn’t manifest in some king of rudeness.

The Elephant In The Room

Reality check: A good share of truck drivers are actually rude. I’m guessing around a third, but there’s no scientific study for rudeness. The nature of the business makes it an easy place to make a living for people who may not play well with others.

If you don’t want to deal with Lumberg, cover letters and TPS reports, trucking is a great career choice. We get our marching orders and we roll. A trucker can spend days with little or no interaction with our dispatchers. Since the bulk of deliveries take place at those large warehouses we talked about earlier, a driver can be a total jackass and no one will know.

The rude truckers give the rest of us a two edged sword. On one side, the assumption from others is that we are also rude. The other side is how much better we’re treated when we prove ourselves otherwise. And those rude ones are easy to spot.

Do Truck Drivers Wear Women’s Underwear?

Again, we’re talking about this because people are actually searching for it on Google. It’s funny what shows up. I’ve put this one together and I think the male trucker’s reputation is intact. Web users aren’t searching for the answer to the question. They’re searching for this video from comedian Steve Harvey.

In a segment of his show called Ask Steve Harvey, the host reads an email from a long haul trucker. The trucker claims to prefer women’s underwear while driving, supposedly for comfort reasons. He’s looking for help in how to buy them without embarrassment. And he’s dead set on making sure his wife never learns about her man driving cross cross country in a pair of women’s panties.

I state with confidence that people really aren’t typing this question into Google because they are curious about our tighty whities. What they are really looking for is the Steve Harvey video on YouTube. And who owns YouTube? Yes, Google.

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