CB Antennas, Selecting the Type and Location

CB Antennas, Making the Best Choice Nearly everything about choosing a CB antenna is compromise. There are trade-offs in nearly every option. The object is to choose the best antenna that fits your application. There is no one size fits all solution. It’s a matter of the type of vehicle, the use of the vehicle, … Read more

Buying a CB Radio

FOUR! The magic number, by law. By law, a Mobile CB radio is limited to four watts of power. That means the possible range of all radios is about the same.   Your choice of radio is mainly a matter of three things. 3 Considerations to Buying a CB Radio Cost available space desired features Let’s … Read more

Lumper Fail?

This video reminds me of water skiing. The first thing you need to learn is to let go of the rope when something goes wrong. I know that this could actually be a driver fail, but it could very well be a lumper. Being as funny as it is, let’s go with the Lumper. A … Read more

Trucking Podcast Corporate Office Tour

As we get rolling on the creation of a better video page, we thought we would start by showing you where it all comes together. Don and I record the show right here, in a small corner of my garage. The 5×5 studio isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done.