11 Cutting Edge Steps To Dramatically Reduce Driver Turnover

Drastically reduce driver turnover

If you want to reduce driver turnover in your company, you’ve come to the right place. We have eleven steps for you. These eleven steps will lead you to the solution that has been right there for years. Read this carefully and follow these steps. Let’s forget about the drivers for now. These action steps … Read more

Why Do Truck Drivers Stay In The Middle Lane?

Why do truck drivers drive in the middle lane

For starters, I’ve been trucking since 1998. A lot of things have changed within the trucking industry since then. In this article, I’ll do my best to explain why truck drivers do things you may not understand, like driving side by side and staying in the middle lane. Why Truck Drivers Stay In The Middle … Read more

Truck Breakdowns And Brokered Freight

Trucking Podcast Retina Image

Today’s discussion is about breakdowns while hauling brokered freight. I’m not thinking flat tires, broken airlines, or another issue that could get you an hour behind. Instead, what happens when you blow a turbocharger or some major component failure that will take a week or two to have repaired? I was able to connect with … Read more

Do Truck Beds Have Drain Holes?

Do Truck Beds Have Drain Holes?

When manufacturers design and engineer new trucks, they often invest over a billion dollars in the process. You can bet that water flow, both around the vehicle and in the truck bed, are a part of that design. There’s also the aesthetics of the drain points. Who wants to see a big round hole in … Read more