Why Do Big Trucking Companies Broker Out Some Loads?

Why do big trucking companies broker out some loads?

Years ago, I was dispatched a load that my employer booked through a large carrier. I was 350 miles from home on a Friday morning. That load was my ticket to dinner with the family. BUT NO! That load of scrap-paper bales was already on a trailer. Somehow, the weight of the scrap and the … Read more

9 Facts About The Everyday Life Of A Concert Tour Truck Driver With Upstaging

9 Facts About The Everyday Life Of A Concert Tour Truck Driver

What’s it like to drive a truck for the concert tour industry? In this sponsored post I’ll be talking about the life and experience of an actual truck driver in the industry. I’m always on the prowl for trucking jobs that require more than meat in the seat. This job definitely fits that description. The … Read more

How Much Does Diesel Fuel Weigh – 5 Reasons Not To Fill Up

How much does diesel fuel weigh

This should be an easy question. It should have a simple answer. But it’s not that simple, and it’s something every truck driver needs to know. If I fill my fuel tanks, how much weight am I taking on? In this article, we’ll start with the most direct answer. Then we’ll discuss the reasons you … Read more