Overhaulin’ Co-Host Adrienne “AJ” Janic

Adrienne Janic, best known as AJ from the TV show Overhaulin’ joins us by phone on this episode. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this show was to put together. AJ is as genuine as can be. She’s also been seriously bitten by the auto enthusiast bug.

AJ has had a lot on her plate lately, and this gave us plenty to talk about. Her career has taken a few turns on the path to working with Chip Foose. From fashion model to acting, then to reality TV working  with a true master designer-builder in the custom car world, she has some great stories to share.

The original premise of Overhaulin’ was to take possession of someone’s dilapidated classic ride without the owner knowing the car was in the hands of the master, Chip Foose. They’ve since lightened up on the pranking part art of the show and are focused more on the owner and the build.

Adrienne Janic joined the cast of Overhaulin’ with no experience in the trade. Rather, she was hired as a prankster, keeping the owners of the cars in the dark about what was going on until the reveal. But if you’re going to learn on the job, what better place than the garage of the legendary Chip Foose?

The 63 Comet, AJ’s Franken-Car Episode

This is from season 4, and AJ’s first time as designer while Chip filled in as co-host. The 6-banger convertible didn’t look too bad when it rolled in, but it was actually a Bondo covered rust bucket. Oh, and the 6 banger and 3 on the tree are nowhere to be found at the end of the episode.

I wish I could’ve found a clip or two of this car on the rotisserie. The Comet’s convertible body was not only rusty beneath the Bondo, the floorboards and unibody underbelly were nearly beyond hope.

Side Note: The reason for the 7 day build time had less to do with drama, and everything to do with production costs. If you think creating a masterpiece from a rolling turd in 168 hours is expensive, try adding the cost of an entire production crew to film, edit and produce the show.

Global Auto Salon

Global Auto Salon was Saudi-Arabia’s first international auto show, and AJ was there with several others from Motor Trend. She couldn’t say enough about the trip, the cars and the food. Yes, the food. You’ll love her conversation about the experience.

Show Links

You can find nearly 100 episodes of Overhaulin’ at MotorTrendOnDemand.com. It’s the best $4.99 a month I spend. You’ll also find the latest episodes and full archives for a bunch other great shows like RoadKill, Hot Rod Garage, RoadKill Garage, Dirt Every Day, American Chopper and a host of others.

The Adrienne Janic calendar is available at AJcalenders.com. Classic american muscle cars, tastefully done. As AJ describes, “classy, cool, edgy.” Mine’s autographed, and with chrome-like silver ink. Podcasting does have it’s privileges.

Be sure to Check out ChipFoose.com.  You’ll find plenty of Foose wheels, artwork and apparel. He also provides a great photo gallery of some of his latest projects.

Don, the Castle Curator and I will be back next week with a bunch of trucking stuff, and a few shiny objects. You can join us as we record the show at Facebook.com/truckingpodcast. We go live at 8:45 pm central time, nearly every Sunday evening. We hope to see you there.