One Truck And 50 Trailers, Seriously

Tonight’s main lead story is about trailers. Not OTR trailers, but rental trailers. The kind you rent out as storage. You could approach this a few ways, all could be profitable.

  • Rent them to businesses that will have you set them in place. They won’t be moved until they’re finished using them for storage, hopefully years from now.
  • Rent them to a distribution center, manufacturer or warehouse. They’ll still use them for storage, but they may be moving them in and out of docks from time to time, so you’ll have to stay up on maintenance.
  •  Step up a bit, buy a few nicer trailers and rent them out for hauling freight.
  • You could even rent them out to be loaded and stored on your property. You could then charge a fee to drag the trailer back and forth from time to time.

The economy is full of 2 things, growth and uncertainty. According to this article at, more and more trailers are being used for storage as the economy grows. You may even find a few new trucking customers in the process.

This could be as simple as placing a couple of older 48′ spring ride trailers in a back lot. I can find a bunch of these things for under 4K. The top end would be roadworthy 53′ trailers that could see action from time to time.

The other simple piece of the puzzle is the ready, fire, aim effect. Find your source for trailers, then find your customers before you actually buy them. It’s worth investigating.

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