My Wife Spends All My Money

Seriously, I wouldn’t write about this if I didn’t hear it regularly. My wife spends all my money is a major objection for why some men can’t buy a truck and start their own trucking company. Kris and I have been married for 35 years and owned a business or two. We’ve also raised 3 kids and have been through some financially tough times.

My Wife Spends All My Money – True Or False?

If your wife really is a compulsive spender or shopaholic, you need more serious help than we can provide. Most of the time, the problem is communication rather than the actual spending habits. You may want to read this article from for a few identifying traits of someone with a serious spending disorder. If you’re like most truckers, some of the signs of an overspending spouse are harder to spot because of your work schedule.

I couldn’t help but notice one point made in the article, the difference between male and female compulsive spenders.

  • Men buy less, but more expensive items. New vehicles, boats and other big ticket items.
  • Women tend to buy smaller items, but more of them. Sometimes a lot more.

Don, Kris and I will give you our take on how to discuss the family budget, and both of your spending habits without ending up spending the night on the couch. It should be interesting.

Dan Is Back

Speaking of money, Dan Organ is back, and we’re talking tax changes and a few other topics. If you’re looking for a great tax man, check out Dan’s practice, Drake Tax Service. We look forward to having Dan back on a regular schedule soon.

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