Moving Day For The Trucking Podcast

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My last big project until spring.

The Trucking Podcast is just like any other business. It’s incredibly easy to spend way too much time on the tasks that bring in little return. In the process of doing so, you ignore the things that need your attention. In this area, I’m as guilty as any in not focussing my time and talent on the areas that provide the best return.

There are 5 things I truly love about what I personally get to do because of this podcast.

  1. I get to spend every Sunday evening talking to my son who lives 240 miles away, and we enjoy sharing that conversation with you.
  2. With the help of my wife, the Castle Kurator, we actually get to interact with our tribe, the true fans of the podcast while we’re recording.
  3. I really didn’t see this one coming when I started the online thing, but I enjoy writing. Dare I say, I’m fairly good at it. This from a man who took Expository Writing 101 four times in my high school years. Although I never failed, I received 4 incompletes where the grade should’ve been.
  4. I’ve also been able to bring in a little extra income. We’re not talking life changing money here, but it all helps, and it’s more than enough to screw up a tax return.
  5. I’m able to share the love (money) by sending Don a check from time to time. After all, it’s not a business without an income.

Why Is The Trucking Podcast Moving

Honestly, I’ve spent the last 3 months of 2018 taking a close look at where I spend my time, as opposed to where I should be spending my time. I’ve also spent some time and money learning what needs to be “fixed” on a site that’s almost 6 years old. Keep in mind, I knew very little about how to do this right when I started out.

I’ll save you the details, but the decisions are made on the best way to proceed for 2020. The short version is I needed to decide on one of three options. I can keep everything as it is, walk away or take everything I’ve learned and start from scratch. Keep in mind, starting from scratch would give me the chance to start all over with a new website, new podcast and the ability to streamline the processes that I just don’t have time for.

I’ll add one other point to the conversation, and that’s my personal health. I have to make time to hit the gym every day on my off days. As a diabetic, this one’s non-negotiable.

Our New Home, Trucking After Hours

A new website, podcast, music and media host pretty much means new everything. This is my chance to take everything I’ve learned and apply it th a brand new platform, Trucking After Hours. You can find the launch of this new site at I’ll remove the Coming Soon screen before the end of February, 2020.

You’ll have to re-subscribe to the podcast. It’s a new feed, correcting a ton of issues and freeing up hours every week. I know we will lose a few subscribers in this process, but the true fans will make the change. In fact, Trucking After Hours is probably already in your podcast player. If not, it will be soon.

We’ve decided to duplicate the show in both feeds for 2 or three weeks, giving everyone the chance to learn about the change. Also, a couple of platforms like iHeart Radio and Stitcher will take a little longer to process the new feed. If the show isn’t already in your player, Spotify is simple solution. It’s a free app, and you have your choice between streaming or downloading.

This is the most exciting and scariest thing I’ve done since I started the whole website endeavour back in 2012. In fact, I’ve named 2020 my GO BIG or GO HOME year. I invite you to be a part of the go big option, and we all thank you for the success of both shows.