International Is Back In The Hot Shot Game – Or Are They?

International introduces it’s new 4500 an 5500 trucks. These class 3 and 4 offerings appear to be nothing more than a Chevy truck with the Duramax engine. Other than the grill and emblems, we see little difference. And where do you go for service and warranty work?

It’s hard to find firm statistics on Ford, Chevy and GMC dealer counts, but all are still in the thousands. In 2012, both Chevy and Ford were still well over the 4,000 count for the number of dealers in the US. That was long after the bailouts and closings of small dealerships.

International boasts a count of 720 dealerships in the US. Chevy and GM may work on that re-badged truck, but don’t assume they’ll do warranty work. I find no indication that will happen. You can read more at

We covered hotshot trucks in a previous episode, Best Pickup For Hotshot Trucking. Having flogged all 3 major brands, I do have my opinions.

Trucking Podcast Studio Updates

Trucking Podcast New StudioWe spent a few bucks and the better part of a weekend giving the podcast studio a new look. We think you’ll like it. We also spent several hours and a little more cash on audio. We’re now using a 12 channel mixer for better sound, and Don finally gets to hear the music in real time, same as you do.

My next goal is to bring in a better monitor image of Don. This will require some lighting changes and a better camera or two. It may take a while, but it will happen.

The Rest Of The Show

Australian man dies from eating a slug. Eating the slug on a dare, this young man ended up paying for it with his life. This is a heartbreaking story, but I think it’s an important warning on eating anything on a dare.

Nevada’s state Assembly District elected a dead pimp to represent them. A former reality TV star, republican Dennis Hof died last month, but electing him forces the appointment of another republican to the spot. Reno Gazette Journal has the story.

There were too many topics to list, but this show covers a lot of ground. Let us know what you like, and what you want to hear more about.