I Still Love Those Old Semi Trucks – Can You Still Find Loads With One?

If You’ve followed us for any length of time at The Trucking Podcast, you already know we are big fans of older semi trucks. We’ve written and talked about them many times.

The question remains can you book loads with older trucks? Are brokers willing to put their freight on your older truck?

This may have been an issue in years past, but things have changed.

  • New and used trucks are in short supply
  • Semi trailers are even tougher to find
  • The industry just can’t keep drivers

safety has become a cornerstone in every step of logistics and truckload movement.

As of this writing, it’s the perfect storm for making money with an older truck, but it does come with a catch. The truck and its driver need to maintain an excellent safety rating.

in this episode, Nick Skeen is back once again to discuss some of the ins and outs of independent owner-operators, and the importance of safety that shows on your company’s safety score.

Although Nick certainly leans towards new or newer trucks, he does validate the value of an older truck that’s well maintained, safe and dependable.

In my opinion, pre-2000 trucks are still out there, and a viable option for the buyer who knows their trucks. No e-logs, simple emission systems and no California freight.