Great Gift Ideas For Truckers and Gearheads


If you have a trucker or gearhead in your life and you don’t know what to give him for Christmas or birthday gifts, I’m here to help.
Each item on this list will be put to use or proudly displayed in his office, garage or man-cave.

BenShot Shot Glassware

Every time his friends see the bullet-ridden shot glass, someone will ask where he got it. AND YOUR NAME WILL COME UP!

Who wouldn’t love a shot glass with a genuine, lead-free 308 bullet embedded in the side of the glass? These things are cool. And I have no doubt a set of these would be on display when not in use.

BenShot is an American company. In fact, the product is manufactured right here in Wisconsin.

Starter Fluid Coffee Cup

If your trucker drinks coffee, he’ll love to start his day with a cup of jo in a properly labeled cup. STARTER FLUID, printed in large letters really gets the point across. There’s no doubt he will enjoy this so much more than the typical WORLD’S GREATEST DAD  coffee cup, and you can bet he’ll use it. Trust me on this one.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug Wrapped In Tire

The silicone wrap around this mug simulates a stack of tires. It also gives the user a better grip when it’s full of his favorite beverage. With an 11 ounce capacity, hot coffee or tea will stay hot for hours. When the travel mug is not in use, it makes a great conversation piece.

Catapiler FlexTrunk Organizer

This CAT-tough organizer is perfect for any car, pickup or SUV.  The organizer comes complete with nonskid-backed bottom, and straps to help hold it in place. The organizer is also collapsable for easy storage.

Loaded or empty, this organizer will always be in place with the logo facing out.

Okay, he’s not going to display this when not in use, but I really like this desk a lot more than the ones that hang from the bottom of the wheel. You have the ability to adjust the height and angle of the working surface. The slideout side tray also adds working space.

You also have the ability to attach the desk on most seatbacks for backseat use. See the details to be sure it works on your headrest type.

weBoost Drive Vehicle Cell Phone Booster

This 5G compatible booster is the perfect answer for weak cell signals. It’s a total plug-and-play system. As long as the phone is in the cradle, the extender is doing its job.

The weBoost booster will also improve your hotspot signal when you’re tethering to a tablet or laptop.

One requirement that I see as a bonus feature is that the phone needs to be in the cradle to get the boost. Hands-free required. Pair your phone with your BlueTooth device or stay off the phone. Nothing like sneaking in a little bit of safety with your gift choice.