Find The Best Truckloads With The Best Data, A Conversation With DAT Experts

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Dean and Robert, to pros from DAT. These guys are pros at what they do. They’re also entertaining to listen to.

NOTE: Full disclosure here. I do have an affiliate relationship with DAT. When you subscribe to one of their products through The Trucking Podcast links, we receive a small commission that doesn’t cost you any extra.

Will A Railroad Strike Cause Freight Rates To Spike?

As we will learn from Dean, much of the potential shift in freight is already built into the market. It’s also interesting to know that this thing isn’t over until all the unions involved give this deal a passing vote.

Using DAT One To Find The Best Truckloads

DAT One is the new app from DAT. Regardless of the plan you use, DAT One is the app your subscription uses.

Robert will give us the full details on new features and tools.