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Trucker taxes, Dan Organ My name is Dan Organ.  My IRS credentials are RTRP, that stands for Registered Tax Return Preparer.  I am originally from Cumberland, WI.  I went to college at Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, WI.

I grew up on a dairy farm east of Cumberland, WI.  My dad put 4 sons through college and never milked more than 38 cows……have not figured out how, but he is a phenomenal scrounge!  I learned at an early age that my dad was cheap when I proposed that our farm purchase a skid steer……his response, “Do you have any idea how cheap fork handles are?”  I could not argue with him.  We all went to college on his dime!  He was right.  Sold those cows when my youngest brother went to college!!  Who knew??

I have 2 daughters, 1 still in college.  I have owned Drake Tax Service in Rice Lake, WI for 22 years.  I prepare about 1,100 returns annually.  I purchased Drake Tax Service in 1993 and it had 200+ clients…..it’s grown a bit since then.  I know taxes, I know truckers and trucking, and I like people.  I answer my own phone every day!!

  • Dan Organ, RTRP
  • Drake Tax Service
  • 431 South Main Street
  • Rice Lake WI 54868





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