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    1. Hello,
      I so glad I have found your site. It has a host of information as I have been wanting to get in the hotshot industry for a while, unfourtently I made the mistake of buying a 1500 (I was totally uneducated and didnt do any research) last year. I was wondering if there were any vialble avenue of getting in the game with my 1500 till I can trade in and get a 2500 or bigger.

      • The bottom line is yes, as long as you stay within the limitations of the hauling capacity. Look for expediter freight of just one or two pallets, or even small partial pallets. Yes, a heavy 3/4 or one ton would certainly make life easier.

    2. I have a Dodge Dually and a 60′ trailer. I just received a full time job and I would lease it out to a company. How do I go about doing that? Thanks for your assistance.

    3. Hey Buck,

      My name’s Simon Adler and I’m a reporter/producer with WNYC’s Radiolab ( We’re a public radio documentary program heard by ~ 10 million listeners monthly.

      I write because we’re currently putting together an episode wondering what objects symbolize America for people today. It seems to me that such an episode would not be complete without speaking to some of the folks who see more of America on a weekly basis than anyone: long haul truck drivers. And so, I’m wondering if you and your podcast would be willing to help us ask this question? Perfect world, I’d love to join you on for a segment and pose the question to your audience. (I’m aware that’s a big ask but…) From there we could direct folks to a phone number where they could call in and leave a message. Or something to that effect…

      Practically speaking, I can imagine a version of this that’d make 30 good minutes of audio for your listeners and ours. And spiritually speaking, in our polarized moment where folks seem uninterested in listening to each other, providing Radiolab’s ofttimes self righteous and progressive audience the opportunity to hear the perspectives of some folks they otherwise wouldn’t, seems worthwhile.

      I’ll leave it there, but would love the chance to discuss the idea further with you over the phone. If you’d be willing, please let me know a couple good dates/times and the best way to contact you and we can coordinate from there. Or simply give me a call at the number below.

      Thanks and I hope all is well

      Simon D. Adler
      Producer // Radiolab

    4. I am 20 and would like your help getting started as a trucker within the state of new jersey. I have had my license since May of 2017

      • Hi De’Onte’

        I am assuming you have your standard Class C driver’s licence as opposed to a Class A CDL. If that’s the case, start by looking into tech schools or community colleges with CDL training. They should already know who might hire you after training and keep you close to home. Once you’re 21, you can go OTR.

        Also, look is places that are always hiring within some kind of distribution company. I know several people with jobs loke Don’s, delivering beer, beverages and other things.

        If you’re not afraid to work, and you have a clean driving record, a beer distributor just might hire you now, as a driver’s helper, then train you as a truck driver. I can’t speak for New Jersey, but Wisconsin has no restriction on a 20 year old delivering beer.

        Let us know how it goes, and what you decide.


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