Cobra 75 WXST Review

I bought the CB radio in this picture, a Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio back in 2008. It was a great radio then, and it’s just as great seven years later. The main reason I bought it was space. I had just transitioned from a 379 Peterbilt to a 3/4 ton diesel pickup. As a hotshot trucker, I still needed the dependability of my old Cobra 29. but in a smaller package. If dynamite comes in small packages, the Cobra 75WXST is it.
For starters, the 75 takes up very little real estate in the passenger compartment. The unit can hang from the mic holder included in with the radio, or you can hang it from your mirror with a microphone hanger like I do. The size also makes it easy to put away in your glove box or arm rest when your away from your vehicle.
The radio has two main parts. The microphone with all of the controls, and a small Remote Connector Box that’s less than half the size of the mic. The power line and the coax attach to the power box. It also has a jack for an external speaker.


  • SoundTracker noise elimination.
  • NOAA Weather & Emergency Radio.
  • Illuminated LCD Display -Great for night use.
  • Instant Channel 9/19
  • Channel Scan.

The scan feature is still one of my favorites. I can leave the radio on scan and it will go through the 40 channels, only stopping for a signal.

Real World Use

This was and is my favorite radio. There’s a reason I’ve kept it this long. It does everything I want a CB to do. I can easily move it from truck to truck along with my magnet mount antenna, and the range is the same as the bigger radios I used in my 18 wheeler days. For BIG features and little space, you can’t go wrong with the Cobra 75WXST.

A Second Radio

After returning to a big truck, I used this as a second radio. It had it’s own antenna. Being able to use NOAA bands while waiting for loading dock assignments was always helpful. Also, I could leave the 75 on channel-scan and catch conversations on any nearby highways. The biggest advantage of two radios was the ability to run an off channel while talking with friends, but still monitor channel 19 for road reports, smokey spottings, etc.

If you’ve ever considered two radios in your truck, the Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radiois  a great, option.

About Cobra

Cobra was the creator of the first CB Radio under the name of Dynascan. The first Cobra CBs came along shortly after. A regular staple in truck stops, CB shops and electronics shops around the world, Cobra has established a reputation of quality and value.

Along with CB radios, Cobra also makes radar detectors, dash cameras, power inverters and a full line of electronic products used by truckers and other motorists. Truckers trust the name, and the company behind the name.

What others are saying about the Cobra 75WXST

I use mine in a 1999 Jeep Wrangler where there is little extra space for another device. It fits perfectly on my console with the small box hidden away inside.
I can listen to truckers while I am on the highway, talk to my friends when we go off-highway, or scan the channels for both when driving to and from the trails. In the two years I have used mine, it has never given me any problems. It is very sturdy and should stand up to hard use.
I purchased the optional external speaker so that it would be easier to hear but many people find the unit works well right out of the box!
There might be bigger, badder CB’s out there, but this one is a peach!


This CB still works great and I’ve had absolutely no problems with it. It’s very much a quality product. Like I said years ago, I keep the CB under the passenger seat when not in use, so it does slide around a bit and gets knocked around from time-to-time. But still, with 6 years of that kind of abuse, it still works flawlessly.


I have installed this CB in three vehicles over the past three years.

2002 Jeep: survived Moab in a Jeep with no top for five days!

2004 Dakota: survived Hurricane Rita’s attack on my Dakota. I found the cb on the floor of my cab soaking wet. I turned it on and used it for the next two weeks to coordinate ice delivery shipments from I-10 truckers.

2005 Jeep: the CB is now mounted on the dash right above the steering wheel. I can see signal strength and scan without taking my eyes off the road.

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