4. Slow White Truck Jokes, The Death of the CB and Satellite Radio

We’re doing our best here to crank out a few more episodes so we can submit this thing to iTunes. Hopefully, we’re about 10 days away from you being able to just subscribe in your podcast player of choice.

In this episode, we poke some fun at a few big companies and their slow, white trucks.  We’ve come up with a few ways to tell if there may be a slow, white truck in your future. We think you will enjoy them. Please feel free to submit a few of your own.

The Death of the CB Radio

Don and I will also talk about the slow death of the CB radio. You still need it for a few shippers and receivers, but it sure ain’t what it used to be. With so many trucks governed to slower speeds, smokey checks are mostly nonexistent. We get most of our conversations with cell phones. Also, the hands-free thing makes a cell phone and Bluetooth device the safer way to go.

How much longer will satellite radio last? Let’s face it. Satellites in outer space and a huge building to house and oversee hundreds of hours of programming every day can’t be cheap. Add to that no more music on the trucking channel, and I’m just not a player. They even told Kevin Rutherford he couldn’t have Doug from Pittsburgh Power on anymore. Think about that. He has one of the best shows on the channel, and they limit his guests to sponsors. I don’t like paying for infomercials.

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