The Dodge Challenger They Shouldn’t Have Made.

When you think of vintage Dodge Challenger, this is not what comes to mind. Gas was hitting a buck a gallon. People wanted economy and were finding it in imports from Japan and Germany. Chrysler was right on track when they brought us this re-badged Mitsubishi. Sticking the Challenger badge on the little import was … Read more

Collectable 80s SUVs

These are collectable SUVs, and Doug is right. They are shooting up in value. I was selling cars when these were in demand on the used market in the early 90s. Neither of these would remain on the lot for long, but they appealed to different types of people. Toyota Land Cruiser The Toyota appealed … Read more

Sink Hole Swallows Bus

The fact that no one was injured in this event is amazing. This goes to show you the power of sink holes, and the power of a raging river. Be sure to share this with a friend. It’s a great way to let others know about The Trucking Podcast.

Lumper Fail?

This video reminds me of water skiing. The first thing you need to learn is to let go of the rope when something goes wrong. I know that this could actually be a driver fail, but it could very well be a lumper. Being as funny as it is, let’s go with the Lumper. A … Read more

Trucking Podcast Corporate Office Tour

As we get rolling on the creation of a better video page, we thought we would start by showing you where it all comes together. Don and I record the show right here, in a small corner of my garage. The 5×5 studio isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done.