Some Really Dumb Trucking News

Show notes are short and sweet this week, but it just makes the show great. I’ll break it down for you. New truck driver training regulations are stalled for at least another 2 years. Oh, and these regulations were mandated in 1991. Yes, it’s taken 28 years and it’s still not handled. Truck only toll … Read more

187. Three Gearhead Things You Didn’t Know

In this episode, Don and I focus on three gearhead things you probably didn’t know about. I have to admit, this stuff has been fun to study up on. How Mercedes Got It’s Name This story comes from The story involves some big names. Daimler, Maybach and Benz all come up in this story. … Read more

117. Carburetor or Fuel injection? What’s Best For That Classic Pickup?

Carburetor or Fuel Injection

A Carburetor or Fuel Injection? I’m a gear head. I have been since I was a young boy. I blame this fact about myself on my big sisters. Their boyfriends had cool cars. In fact, my sisters even had their share of 60’s iconic muscle. Tri-five Chevy’s, early 60’s impala’s, a killer Barracuda, even a couple … Read more