What Is Trucker's Edge Ultimate Guide

Trucker’s Edge is a subscription load board uniquely designed and offered by DAT, the internet’s biggest load board. Designed for independent owner operators, Trucker’s Edge was built with a focus on owners with 1-5 trucks. Trucker’s Edge offers 3 plans, from $39.95 to 99.95 per month. They also have a free mobile app for use … Read more

Overweight and Blowing Tolls

If you’ve been listening to the show since the first of the year, you’ve heard we are moving EVERYTHING ans starting from scratch. We hope you’ll subscribe to the new podcast feed at TruckingAfterHours.com. The Trucking After Hours podcast is available in your player, with links on the site.

Some Really Dumb Trucking News

Show notes are short and sweet this week, but it just makes the show great. I’ll break it down for you. New truck driver training regulations are stalled for at least another 2 years. Oh, and these regulations were mandated in 1991. Yes, it’s taken 28 years and it’s still not handled. Truck only toll … Read more