How Much Does Diesel Fuel Weigh – 5 Reasons Not To Fill Up

How much does diesel fuel weigh

This should be an easy question. It should have a simple answer. But it’s not that simple, and it’s something every truck driver needs to know. If I fill my fuel tanks, how much weight am I taking on? In this article, we’ll start with the most direct answer. Then we’ll discuss the reasons you … Read more

5 steps To Find The Best Trucking Job The First Time?

Whether you’re an experienced truck driver or a fresh graduate of a truck driving school, you certainly hope the next job will be your last job. At the very least, you want to find a trucking company you can stay with for a few years. I’m going to walk you through how I did it. … Read more


The trucking industry is hurting for truck drivers, yet men and women under 21 still have a tough time finding trucking jobs. Why are companies so unwilling to hire 18 to 20 year olds? Where should you look if you don’t want to wait until your 21st birthday to start driving? Let’s start by answering … Read more