Why We Don’t Do More Shows, What’s My Favorite Van?

Again, I’m picking these topics based on what you’ve asked for.

In  this episode I will explain why longer shows, or more shows just aren’t in the cards right now.

Also, my two favorite vans if I buy another. The first choice would be a Chevy short wheel based conversion van from the 70s, maybe even the 80s. The less windows, the better.

I had a friend with one of these. Originally equipped with a 6 banger and 3 on the tree, he dropped in a 350 and 4 speed. That shifter was short, stubby and back by his hip, but it was still cool.

Option 2 would be a later model GMC full sized van, equipped with all wheel drive. A conversion with the fiberglass razed roof would be the best. It could pull the camper, go anywhere and allow me to do a little winter camping here in Wisconsin.

Trucking In The Morning Is Back

Yes, I am back with more episodes of Trucking In The Morning. In this episode I’ll explain a few things about this part of the website.

  • The reason I do them
  • Why I’ve decided to keep it as a video production
  • How often I’ll be publishing a new show
  • How you can participate by providing content


Michigan Continues The Stupidity

  This episode is about a trifecta of dumb ideas from the state of Michigan. The ban of vintage military vehicles for any kind of highway use. This even includes parades. Hemmings.com Taxing small businesses – to fund retired government employees’ tax breaks. Watchdog.org A failed drug screening program is expanded state wide. TheTruckersReport.com Also, … Read more