Navigating The Used Car Lot Game

Oh, the angles we could take on navigating the used car lot game. The wheeling and dealing, financing and warranties are all great topics. Let’s put all that aside for now and go back to the used car search. How did that used car end up where you’re seeing it? I use the word CAR … Read more

FPS Industries, Your Semi Truck Spare Tire Carrier Solution

Semi Truck Spare Tire Carrier

Full disclosure here. The semi truck spare tire carrier from FPS Industries is a sponsor of The Trucking Podcast. That means this is a sponsored post. Anyone who’s been listening to Don and I know how picky we are about what we stand behind, and this product is impressive. The Spare Tire Problem I’ve been trucking … Read more

The $7,000 Jock Strap

We couldn’t pass this one up. The $7,000 jock strap belonged to Russell Crowe, He wore it in the movie Cinderella Man. Crowe auctioned the jock strap and many other items in an auction to settle his divorce. The auction was titled The Art Of Divorce. $7,000 Jock Strap vs Fingernail Polish We can’t help … Read more

OOIDA Needs To Back Off

We rarely talk about Hours Of Service on The Trucking Podcast, but not this time. OOIDA has rocked my boat, and I’m a bit p#ssed about it. You’ll get the full rant in the opening monologue. The short version is that the new HOS rules have not been in place long enough to even get … Read more

202. DOT Cop In The Studio 2

DOT cop in the studio

Kevin Colton, DOT Cop (Retired) In The Studio This week is another episode of DOT Cop In The Studio, plus Buck’s Top 3. But it’s not all trucking. I had a few questions for Kevin, but only a couple are specifically aimed at trucking. I think you’ll enjoy them all. Here are a few things … Read more