23. FMCSA and Truck Driver Training

Should FMCSA Set Standards for Truck Driver Training? I need to start this with one major detail I failed to mention in the podcast. Requirements for drivers, commercial or otherwise, have always been regulated by the states. We’ve seen more than one state get their hand slapped for giving CDLs to drivers who weren’t qualified. … Read more

22. Buying Your First Truck

Pulling The Trigger On That First Truck Don and I have been reading all the expert advice on buying that first truck.  We have some consistent steps to ensure we aren’t buying something that drove the previous owner into bankruptcy. Things like pulling an ECM report, taking the truck to a mechanic, an alignment or … Read more

21. Truck Parking Shortage. Where’s The Beef?

Parking Shortage So everyone’s talking about the truck parking shortage. Is it real? Is it a problem? I the truck parking shortage really to the point of needing government intervention? You would have to have the intelligence of a turnip or be a Kool-Aid-drinking member of NATSO to think there is no shortage of safe … Read more

19. Could There Be A Volkswagen 389 In Your Future?

What do you think? A long-nosed, chicken-light covered 389 Volkswagen? Or, how about a left-hand drive Constellation cab-over? I doubt we will see either of these on American highways anytime soon. But what about a Peterbilt, Kenworth or ProStar equipped with a Volkswagen engine? This is a very real possibility. Volkswagen is a big producer … Read more

18. Hauling Oversize Loads – Too Tall, Too Wide, Too Heavy

  Hauling Oversize Loads Don has been following a story about oversize loads and pilot cars. It’s interesting to hear just who can be held responsible. Although I rarely hauled anything over 12 feet, I do have thousands of miles logged while hauling 11’11” loads. You use reputable permit companies and obtain all of your … Read more