70. Buying a Car or Truck. Tips and Tricks From Buck’s Car Salesman Days.

No Money Down

Buying a Car or Truck If you’ve listened to this show for long, you know I used to sell cars. I’ve worked as a salesman and a closer. I’ve also spent a fair amount of time working in the finance office in a couple of large dealerships. In this episode, I will share a few … Read more

65. Welding The Sleeper Shut?

We all have a picture in mind of a bad truck. You know the one. That old spring suspension job you bounced around in. Or maybe that cab-over that froze your feet every winter. Or maybe it’s just an old, underpowered company truck with no air conditioning, and a laundry list of other needed repairs. … Read more

59. Rat Rod or Rolling Turd?

For starters, this old Plymouth is nowhere near rat rod status. It’s not even a rolling turd. It’s just a turd. It’s cool. It has serious potential, but right now it’s just a turd. I spotted it for sale on the side of a county road. I just had to stop and look. With a … Read more