2020 Goal Planning For The Trucking Podcast

Joining me in this episode is my good friend, Harold Thornbro. Harold and I have been friends for about seven years. We are both truckers, Internet entrepreneurs, and Christians. Although faith in trucking both come up during this conversation, today we will be talking about something else. As someone whose opinion I respect, I’m excited … Read more

2020 Brings Issues For Owner Operators

2020 Issues For Owner Operators

The last couple of years have brought some historical highs and lows to the trucking industry, most directly related to the spot market. A growing economy collided with enforcement of electronic logging devices. The results were a a big win for truckers, owner operators, or otherwise. 2018 netted pay raises, amazing shipping rates and some … Read more

Overhaulin’ Co-Host Adrienne “AJ” Janic

Adrienne Janic

Adrienne Janic, best known as AJ from the TV show Overhaulin’ joins us by phone on this episode. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this show was to put together. AJ is as genuine as can be. She’s also been seriously bitten by the auto enthusiast bug. AJ has had a lot … Read more

Should I Use High Mileage Motor Oil?

Should I Use High Mileage Engine Oil

High mileage motor oil is designed for engines with the kind of wear that often comes with high mileage. It’s available in conventional, synthetic or synthetic blend form. Some manufacturers advertise the need to switch to this type of oil as early as 75,000 miles. The difference between regular and high mileage oil is in … Read more

Why Backing Up A Semi Is Easier Than A Boat Or RV, And Tips You Can Use

Why Semi-Trailers are easier to back up than RVs

I’m a trucker. My wife and I are also avid RVers. Ask either of us and we will tell you it’s always entertaining to watch the weekend campers as they back into a spot. The most common scenario involves a man behind the wheel and a woman guiding the driver from outside. So how do … Read more