Find The Best Truckloads With The Best Data, A Conversation With DAT Experts

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Dean and Robert, to pros from DAT. These guys are pros at what they do. They’re also entertaining to listen to. NOTE: Full disclosure here. I do have an affiliate relationship with DAT. When you subscribe to one of their products through The Trucking Podcast links, … Read more

What’s Up With 87,000 New IRS Agents-Dan The Tax Man

In this episode, we will be talking with Dan Organ, my go-to tax guy for nearly 25 years. Dan and I did a lot of catching up and talked about taxes and our favorite binge-worthy shows on Amazon, Netflix, and other platforms. To contact Dan, just follow any of the options on his website, … Read more

11 Cutting Edge Steps To Dramatically Reduce Driver Turnover

Drastically reduce driver turnover

If you want to reduce driver turnover in your company, you’ve come to the right place. We have eleven steps for you. These eleven steps will lead you to the solution that has been right there for years. Read this carefully and follow these steps. Let’s forget about the drivers for now. These action steps … Read more

Truck Breakdowns And Brokered Freight

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Today’s discussion is about breakdowns while hauling brokered freight. I’m not thinking flat tires, broken airlines, or another issue that could get you an hour behind. Instead, what happens when you blow a turbocharger or some major component failure that will take a week or two to have repaired? I was able to connect with … Read more