139. Sandy Cahill from Trucker’s Edge Joins Us Today

Trucker’s Edge Don and I have been warning you about the insanity August was going to be as far as the podcast was concerned. Camping trips, vacation and a move across the state have my podcasting schedule totally out of sync. Fortunately, Sandy Cahill from Trucker’s Edge helped us out and co-hosted an episode. We … Read more

Should You Use Free Load Boards?

Free Load Boards

Free load boards are always in the eye of the independent owner operator, experienced or just striking out on their own. You start out with the goal of finding your own freight, knowing that your truck has to generate cash flow. Even after you succeed in finding that high paying head haul, load boards have a place in … Read more

127. Load Board 101 with Sandy Cahill from Trucker’s Edge

Load Board Freight

Load Boards and Podcast Players What could a load board service and a podcast player possibly have in common? I find it an interesting analogy to compare the two. Want the most comprehensive selection of podcasts? iTunes is a no-brainer. Every podcaster I know gets about 70% of their traffic from the iTunes podcast app. … Read more

5 Ways Trucker’s Edge Makes You More Money

Trucker's Edge to make more money

Before I talk about Trucker’s Edge, or any load board service, let’s take a quick look at how most owner operators work. I’ve been in the trucking business for almost 20 years. I’m always learning. Mostly questioning, trying to find out why some drivers do what they do. Especially owner operators. Trucker’s  Edge could easily help … Read more