Start a Successful Trucking Company – By Defining Success

In this post I’ll be talking about how to start a successful trucking company. Whether you just bought your first truck or you’re adding to your fleet, it’s never too late to go back to some basics and define the success you’re trying to achieve. [bctt tweet=”Whether you’re buying trucks, finding freight or interviewing a … Read more

How To Get Higher Paying Loads


Want to know how to get higher paying loads? Who doesn’t? What prompted this post was a phone call from a friend. He took a load that paid $700. While signing paperwork with the shipper, he saw the original fax sheet from the broker. The shipper paid $1,200 to have that load covered. My friend … Read more

148. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – What Brokers Like


How To Find Out What Brokers Like That’s simple. Just Google the words, what brokers like. I found a few great articles. One of the best came from the DAT blog. There’s an old saying in sales. “You can get anything you want out of life if you just help others get what they want.” … Read more

146. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – Don’t Make These Mistakes

I wanted to call this episode of Load Boards, Lanes and Rates the 5 ways to get your ass kicked, but I wasn’t sure how Google or iTunes would like it. We’ll just go with Don’t Make These Mistakes. I can’t say these mistakes will definitely cause you to fail, but it sure increases the … Read more

144. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – Myth Buster’s Style

Welcome to the first Load Boards, Lanes and Rates midweek show. Don and I had several conversations about whether or not this should be a midweek episode of The Trucking Podcast. The other option was to make it a completely separate show. Needless to say, keeping it at home with our regular show has won … Read more