Load Boards – Is LTL Better Than Multi-Stop?

Load Boards - Is LTL Better Than Multi-Stop?

LTL and multi-stop truck loads are certainly not for the lazy. It’s tough work to book, plan and perform. So why not ask the question, is LTL better than multi-stop when it comes to increasing revenue? Before we actually take the question on, let’s define what each category is, and how they work. We won’t … Read more

Fuel Surcharge – 9 Things You Need To Know

The history of trucking’s fuel surcharge is a long one. I’m sure there have been versions of adjusting for fuel prices nearly as long as there have been fuel powered trucks. It wasn’t until the 70s that we saw the start of something uniform. With the Arab oil embargo in full swing, fuel prices skyrocketed. Trucking … Read more

Find Better Paying Truck Loads Through Forecasting

Find Better Paying Truck Loads Through Forecasting

Find Better Paying Truck Loads Through ForecastingThis week we’re talking about forecasting, load boards and making more money in your trucking business. If you’re an independent owner operator, you already know about load boards. And who doesn’t want to make more money? Want a 24% raise? Keep reading.

What Is Forecasting?

Before we dig into forecasting, let’s look at budgeting so we can understand the distinction. Dictionary.com defines a budget as ”an estimate,  often itemized, of a given period in the future.” Pay attention to the last three words, in the future. Many people track their income and expenses and call it a budget. Although tracking both income and expenses as they happen is a fantastic habit to have, it’s not a budget. 

Your budget in business is just like your budget at home. You budget for a given future period in order to tell your money where it’s going before you’ve received it, and to make sure all your expenses are covered. The baseline of a good budget is a recorded income and spending log you’ve created. If you haven’t logged your income and expenses yet, start now. It’s a baseline for your financial success.

Forecasting goes beyond better paying truck loads. Forecasting is all about cash flow. It’s more of a decision making and action plan to help with future growth. Both income and spending can be targeted in forecasting. The bulk of the articles you’ll read on forecasting will refer to the next year, or even 5 years. Those are geared for larger companies and often responding to debt management, loan securement and answering to shareholders.

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7 Tools To Finding Higher Paying Truck Loads

Higher Paying Loads

7 tools For Finding Higher Paying Truck Loads The goal of every independent owner operator is always to find higher paying loads. But it seems that 95% of the independents find enough load board freight to keep their heads above water, slip into a comfort zone and stay there. That’s a major reason the average … Read more

Truckers and Recruiters team up, Tweener Loads

I’ve just returned home from 2 days at the Waupun Truck-N-Show. Waupun, WI is a town of about 11,000. Located about 85 miles south of Green Bay, it was best to just get rooms and stay close to the 2 day event. The task at hand was recruiting a few drivers. This year’s team consisted of … Read more