What Is Hotshot Trucking? Art Bell Passes

What Is Hot Shot Trucking? This question came from a listener in the UK. I can totally understand why the term hotshot trucking would be confusing. It doesn’t mater what side of the pond you’re on. We’re all in a hurry to meet a delivery time. We’ll try to narrow it down. Does hotshot trucking … Read more

211. Three Hot Shot Trucking Game Changers, DOT Cop In The Studio

If you know me at all, you know I love hot shot trucking. I have nearly 7 years experience in hot shotting. I spent a year hauling RVs as an owner operator. I also spent  almost 6 years hauling livestock with a 1 ton dually and goose-neck trailer. I made good money doing both. I … Read more

159. Is Hot Shot Trucking The Future? and More Cool Stuff

Is Hot Shot Trucking The Future?

With autonomous trucks just around the corner, is hot shot trucking the future for truckers? Once again, I’m continuing to put the pieces together on this one. First it was the Colorado beer run with an empty driver’s seat. Now it’s Ohio wanting in on the action. Self Driving Trucks Hit Ohio is the article … Read more

Hot Shot Trucking – The Cost of Entry

We’ve had quite a few questions and comments since we did our hot shot episode. If you haven’t listened to it, you should go back and catch it. Follow this link to Episode 40. I thought it would be a good idea to follow up with a little more information about the subject. This post … Read more