Do Truck Beds Have Drain Holes?

Do Truck Beds Have Drain Holes?

When manufacturers design and engineer new trucks, they often invest over a billion dollars in the process. You can bet that water flow, both around the vehicle and in the truck bed, are a part of that design. There’s also the aesthetics of the drain points. Who wants to see a big round hole in … Read more

7 Hotshot Trucking Niches You Could Rock At

7 Hotshot Trucking Niches You Could Rock At

This post is about 7 hotshot trucking niches you can enter and rock at. Some of these are categories I’ve worked in. Others, I either have friends working them or talked with drivers on the road. Some of these are regional plays. Others are more lane dependent. It’s up to you to decide whether or … Read more

7 Proven Questions For Buying A Used Hotshot Pickup

Buying a used hotshot pickup

After trucking well over 2 decades, I know a thing or two about buying a hotshot pickup.  Nearly 7 of those years were spent on the hotshot side. Through the years, I’ve been involved in selecting several trucks. One of the trucks was mine, and several were company trucks. Running many of these trucks harder … Read more

International Is Back In The Hot Shot Game – Or Are They?

Trucking Podcast New Studio

International introduces it’s new 4500 an 5500 trucks. These class 3 and 4 offerings appear to be nothing more than a Chevy truck with the Duramax engine. Other than the grill and emblems, we see little difference. And where do you go for service and warranty work? It’s hard to find firm statistics on Ford, … Read more

Do I Need A Dually For Hotshot Trucking?

Dually hotshot pickup

Today we take on the age old question, do I need a dually for hotshot trucking? Hotshot trucking is a passion I’ve pursued, followed and been active in for years. I’ll remind you right up front, I’ve delivered hotshot loads with both single and dual rear wheeled pickups, from heavy 3/4 tons to dual rear … Read more