Should Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

Should Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in 33 states, people have started using CBD oil for various health conditions and pain relief. The question remains: does Cannabidiol, or CBD, act in any way as a drug? If it does, its use might not be recommended for those expecting drug checks anytime soon. When the talk … Read more

What About the New Law on DOT Physicals for Sleep Apnea?

One question for commercial drivers over the past couple of years has been regarding the information being passed around about the new law on DOT physicals for sleep apnea. According to research by the University of Pennsylvania and the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), almost 30% of Americans driving commercially in the United States are living with sleep apnea.

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Buck’s Top 7 Fast Food Picks

Buck's Top 7 Fast Food Picks

Let’s be blunt here. I’m writing this for those of you who are where I used to be. Buck’s top 7 fast food tips was a big part of fixing a lot of physical problems in my life. If you’re where I was, I feel your pain. Here are my original goals from day one. … Read more