17 Reasons This Kenworth Cabover Will Make You More Money

9 Reasons This Kenworth Cabover Will Make You More Money
A big THANK YOU to Christopher Trucks in Greenville, SC for letting us use the pictures. Click on the image to check out their inventory.

Assuming you’ve been following The Trucking Podcast for any length of time, I know you understand why I’m totally in love with this Kenworth cabover. I trained and tested in an International cabover back in 1998. My first assigned truck was a ’90 Peterbilt 372 cabover. Although I haven’t driven one since, I’ve always been drawn to that old school look and driving experience.

If you’re like me, Truck Paper is good clean fun. I used to grab a copy at the truck stop and search out my favorites. Today, I do my truck browsing online. Everything from an old Walmart cabover to Freightliner Argosys generally catch my eye. There always seems to be a few gems in the under $30,000 range.

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Want To Be An Owner Operator?

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212. Brayden Tucker Of Dying Breed Diesels

Dying Breed Diesels

If you haven’t heard of Brayden and Jenifer Tucker’s Dying Breed Diesels Facebook page, you must be driving a Prius and living under a rock. Their page will probably top 60,000 members by the time this is published. I had a chance to talk with Brayden last week via Facebook live. The Tuckers are what … Read more

122. Brayden from Dying Breed Diesels

build your trucking brand

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103. Want To Buy A Truck?

Want to buy a truck?

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