Seriously, Here’s How You Keep Millennial Truck Drivers

Here's How You Keep Millennial Truck Drivers
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

So many words are used to define particular generations. Baby boomers, Gen-X, Gen-Y, and now it’s millennials, millennials, millennials. There’s an inherent danger in lumping a huge group of men and women together based on when they are born. But this is America, and we seem hooked on looking at things with a generational eye.

What Is A Millennial?

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Women, Tequila and Hardware Stores

Let’s break Women, Tequila and Hardware Stores down to where the idea came from. Women. This one started when I had to give my daughter a hand with a front brake job on her GMC. When I asked how she removed the lug nuts, she showed me her galvanized pipe breaker bar – 6 feet … Read more

7 Myths About Becoming A Truck Driver

Becoming a truck driver

Becoming a truck driverLet’s stick a fork in some assumptions about landing a trucking job. We will kill 7 myths about becoming a truck driver. Although all of these may be considered traditional, they certainly aren’t cast in stone. There are ways around everything. Just ask any former farm kid turned trucker.

So, you’ve never driven a truck before. Part of the reason is the process seems daunting. You may even think you would never qualify. Trust me, I was there. You may also have no interest in signing a 2 or 3 year contract for repaying the cost of a company sponsored driving school. Don the Beer Guy landed his trucking gig with absolutely no trucking experience, no contract and no training costs. It can be done.

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Nine Trucking Lessons Learned Driving A Yard Dog

yard dog

Yes, I’m Driving a Yard Dog I’ve only been driving a yard dog for a couple of months, but I’ve been trucking for 19 years. I’m starting to think I did things backwards. Driving a yard dog and spotting trailers isn’t hard work, but it’s detailed. Miss one detail and something can easily be damaged, … Read more