Big Trucks, Cool Vans, And Rotary Engines

The A-Team van, an early 80s GMC Ventura has been a gearhead icon for over 35 years. From episode to episode, everything from the licence plates to the actual brand are inconsistent. Look close and you’ll even see Ford vans in a few shots.

But who doesn’t love a shorty trick van with no side or back windows, grey over black with red stripe paint and a V8 with cool pipes? It’s vintage hot rodding on permanent display via reruns.

Check it out from Hemmings.

Trucking Stories

We covered two LTL carriers and their business success vs failure. One posted record profits while the other closed up shop. The point of the discussion is company management. It’s management that gets a company through a slump in shipping rates and tougher competition.

Rotary Engines Were The Next Big Thing In The 70s

Don and I have talked about the dashed dreams for rotary powered cars. AMC Pacer, Chevy Monza, even

the Vega were all destined for rotary power. The engine bays were designed to accommodate the Wankel power plant.

What we didn’t know is GM actually built a prototype or two of a mid-engine 73 Corvette with rotary power. Again, Hemmings has a great piece on this one.