Back From A 4,200 Mile Road Trip

It’s been a crazy 12 day run, 11 of those days on the road. Traveling west is always an adventure, and this trip was no different. Although this trip was mostly pleasure, I did have some work to do, and a couple of podcast related meetings and phone calls to deal with. It was a great trip, but I’m glad to be home.

In this episode I will cover a few highlights of the trip, and a personal experience or two. I’ll also leave you with the reassurance that the podcast will return to business as usual.

Show Highlights 

  • The compromise I made to take the trip.
  • The many commercial and personal vehicles I’ve driven across this stretch of interstate.
  • Why I actually purchased 2 tanks of fuel from a Flying J.
  • Uncle George’s VW camper bus.
  • Working on my mother’s house.
  • A new hotshot truck sleeper I’ve never seen before.
  • Some of the interesting hotshot freight I saw on the road.
  • Why I truly love this lane.

Starting from our home in Green Bay, the trip included a short stop in Pocatello, ID. I then traveled to Burns, OR and stayed 3 days. After Burns came 3 days in Clackamas, OR, a short stop in Camas, WA and the return trip.

The 07 Trailblazer averaged about 21 mpg, round trip. It’s been debugged and washed, but in need of an oil change. The truck performed well for a 12 year old full framed SUV with 169,000 on the clock.

Although I didn’t get a chance to see everyone I would’ve liked to, I accomplished everything I set out to do, mostly updates on my mother’s house.

We’re Back To Normal

It’s been a crazy summer, but we are now back to normal. Don, the Castle Curator and I will continue our weekly schedule and our live recordings. Join us every Sunday night at 8:45 pm central, at