Ask Buck and Don Anything

Usually finding topics to bring up on the podcast isn’t hard to do. But I’ve recently returned from a 12-day vacation. For some reason, I just couldn’t get into it.

Instead, I took the easy way out and asked all of you. So, here we go with Ask Buck And Don Anything.

Before we get to the questions, I’ve been following the story of a trucker who picked up a load of hemp in Colorado. The plan was to haul the product to Oregon. Both states have legalized the product, but there are several states between Colorado and Oregon.

The driver nearly made it. Unfortunately, Idaho took issue with the load. They arrested the driver, confiscated the $1.2 million worth of hemp and started the process that could’ve landed the driver in prison for at least 5 years.

This is one of those stories I’ve been following, but haven’t fit into a show. Now that it’s come to a much more reasonable conclusion, I thought I would share the hemp folly with you. Here’s where to find more.

Speaking Of Illegal Substances, Don and I thought it would be fun to see a few of the creative ways men, women and children try to cross the American borders with contraband, mostly drugs and cash. We’ll share a few of our favorites.

On To Ask Buck And Don Anything

In this segment we answer questions about heavy haul trucks, Pintos, beer, Batman and more. The best part of this segment is how nearly every question leads down some kind of rabbit hole.

One other great part of this episode is how it left me with a bunch of great stuff to put into next week’s episode.

We’d love to do this again soon. Just email your questions to [email protected] and we’ll be sure to take it up on the next show.