Are Freight Broker Relationships Overrated?

You know the mantra. Having strong freight broker relationships will make you more money. Since the broker already knows you, he’s just going to step up to the plate.

Let’s look at the realities of any sales relationship. The buyer and seller both see the value of repeat business. But you have to know just what that value is.

Two Sides of Freight Broker Relationships

From the carrier’s side, there’s a lot to be gained. You don’t have to provide your credentials with a broker you’ve already used. You’re familiar with their way of doing things. You also know if and when they pay. You may even know how they handle problems that may come up.

These are many of the same things the broker enjoys with your relationship. It’s just easy to do repeat business. The phone calls are quicker and more pleasant. But history tells us there’s more.

Selling Cars And Booking Loads

Most of you already know I spent over 10 years in sales. Nearly all of that time was in car dealerships. I also spent time in insurance sales and office equipment. Retail automobile sales just fit me best.

Know, Like and Trust

In every sales training class I’ve taken, these are major themes. These are the key words in building your customer base. A customer that knows, likes and trusts you will spend less time verifying what you’ve said. They believe you at your word.

We build these values so we can take advantage of the relationship. But it’s not just about time. You think, hope and count on getting a better rate on a load.

Think Like A Salesman For A Few Minutes

I always made more money on repeat customers. I spent less time with them, and I had a better idea of what they wanted. They always got a good deal, but certainly not the absolute best I could do. My family liked a roof over their heads and 3 meals a day. I had to get the most commission out of every sale.

Why Should A Freight Broker Be Any Different

A freight broker works on the same sales concept. Building a relationship with an owner operator helps him execute faster bookings. I’m sure he also makes more money. Brokers aren’t just going to give away the farm because they know you.

I’m not totally discounting the benefits of freight broker relationships. What I am saying is buyer beware. Trust but verify. Know your lanes and rates. Execute your bookings in a timely matter, and don’t be taken advantage of.

Trucker’s Edge Pro

The Trucking Podcast has an affiliate relationship with Trucker’s Edge, DAT’s load board for the owner operator with one truck, or just a few trucks. The Pro account is a fantastic way to do the trust but verify thing. Features in the Pro account include:

  • 15 day lane rates
  • loads with rates posting first
  • broker days to pay
  • broker credit scores
  • tri-haul service
  • all the features of the other plans
  • it works great on your smartphone

You can try Trucker’s Edge Pro by following the link,

You can catch my interview with Todd Kalhar from DAT right here for a better description of Trucker’s Edge, and the newest features.

Other Show Notes