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I’m Buck Ballard, the guy behind The Trucking Podcast. I’ve been trucking since 1997. I’ve driven for big companies and small family businesses. From 379 Peterbilts to hotshot pickups, even owner operator, I’ve been there. It’s an obsession with me. I’ve also been a total gear-head since the 60s. Seriously, I’m sure I’ve owned well over 100 cars in my adult life.

I’ve also found my own share of freight in my day, and I’m proud to be affiliated with DAT, bringing you the best tools to find your next truck load.

Standing with me is my son, Don. He’s been trucking for several years now. Together we talk about trucking, pickups, cars and this great American obsession over anything with an engine.

We’re here to help you enjoy your work, make more money and live the lifestyle you desire.

Legal Disclaimer here. We’re entertainers. Not lawyers or consultants. We  work to bring you quality shows with great content. Why else would you listen? We do our best to be factual and informative, but we make no claim of being right, wrong or indifferent. Just entertaining.

There are a few things we would like you to know about our podcast.

  1. Although we do talk about trucking, we spend the bulk of our time covering other topics we believe interest truckers and guys in general. Mostly, anything to do with gears, a motor and wheels. We love semi trucks, pickup trucks, rat-rods, jeeps, RVs and nearly anything automotive.
  2. We tend to shun the expensive. If you’re looking for the latest info on the new Ferrari or Lamborghini, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you appreciate a good used F150, old Power Wagons, C/K Chevy trucks and a trip to the wrecking yard to find parts, you’ll love the show.
  3. We especially love stuff anyone can afford. Things like an old Walmart cab-over. Muscle cars built on a budget. The stuff the average guy could buy, refurbish, restore or just drive and have some fun with.
  4. We also totally “leave the reservation” to talk about other things that interest us. We stick to family friendly stuff, but we do find things we think you would like, and enjoy  even more with our spin.

We are both truckers. It’s what we love. It’s what feeds our families. We couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Well, maybe podcasting…..

Buck Ballard

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  1. I would love to talk to you about Hot Shot’s Secret and their plans to work with Steve Sommers. Also, the company branded their line of additives because the first product, Stiction Eliminator, was able to keep the Hot Shot truckers working hard to deliver fuel by helping them to keep their injectors working with the company’s first flagship product.

    Here is how Stiction Eliminator first was developed. “In November of 2004, International Truck and Engine called me because they were having warranty problems on their injectors on the 6 liter engine. They felt that the injectors were perfectly fine, but there was a built up inside there, and if they could clean the built up oil out, then their warranty claims would go down. What we came to find out is that, inside the oil side of the injector, which is the top half of the injector, the oil was building up in the form of burnt engine oil or varnish, and that’s where we came up with the name stiction. Stiction Eliminator was designed to clean out the deposits that build up in this part of the injector.

    We spent about a year developing the product, and then International Truck and Engine spent about two years testing it to make sure it was safe. They wanted to make sure that it could be used in high altitudes, low altitudes, cold temperatures, etc. With this solution, we are able to fix injectors that are labeled as being broken 90 percent of the time.”

    Here is a video of Chris Gabrelcik, owner and founder of Hot Shot’s Secret, talking about Stiction Eliminator. https://youtu.be/gJ3DMS1oAH4


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