130. 8 Great Cop Car Lists

As any trucker knows, Road Check America begins this Tuesday. Troopers all over the country will be inspecting big rigs for 72 hours straight. You may be expecting a long post about how to be prepared for the pending anal exams on 18 wheels, but this is The Trucking Podcast. Don and I thought we’d bring you something different.

8 Great Cop Car Lists and Links

That’s right. The cop car episode. Why not? We spend all day looking out for them. The old ones are used for taxi cabs, hot rods and daily drivers. But what do you really know about them?

  1. Let’s start with 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Cop Cars, from Thrillist.com. Did you know the first cop car in the US was electric? How about the first pony car used by police? It wasn’t a Mustang or Camaro.
  2. Autoblog.com has a great article about driving a pursuit car as a daily driver for a few days. Titled 8 Things You Learn While Driving a Cop Car, author Steven J. Ewing tells his story about driving the 2015 Dodge Charger, and the strange behavior of the people around him. Look close at the car. It’s black, white and has markings all over. Nothing says it’s an actual police car.
  3. From Theultimateladsclub.com comes the Top 10 Police Vehicles list. How about a big John Deere tractor with lights and a siren?
  4. Complex.com brings us the craziest 30 police cars in the world.
  5. This list from Popular Mechanics is one of my favorites. The 10 Coolest High Performance Cop Cars has Mustangs, Camaros and Novas, but my favorite is the 69 Dodge Polara Pursuit. This car, when equipped with the 440, was capable of a top speed of 147 mph. That’s a fast car in any year, but 1969? WOW!
  6. Joloplink.com brings us The Ten Ugliest Police Cars in America. What ticked me off in this list was the fact that the Michigan State Police didn’t have an entry. I don’t care what car they use. That stupid gumball light over the siren looks like it was stolen from Sheriff Taylor.
  7. Here’s a list of 10 Countries With The Worst Police Cars. The Bobbie in the pedal car is over-the-top absurd.
  8. Titled The Best Police Cars From 60’s and 70’s Police TV Shows, it’s a good start, but it’s missing great stuff. How about the Starsky and Hutch car? I know Jim Rockford was a private detective and not a cop, but that Firebird is worth an honorable mention.

How Did This Guy Get On My New Tool Box?

8 Cool Cop Car Lists, tool boxThat’s right. The dickless unic strikes again. Originally discussed in a blog post on Becomegoodsoil.com, We’ve talked about this guy before, but why did he show up on the side of my new tool chest?

I totally get it when he shows up in the instructions for cheap furniture you bought at Wally World. But this is a 52″ roller cabinet with 10 drawers. It took three of us to load the thing into the back of my van. This thing wasn’t a high end Snap-on, but it sure wasn’t a Walmart special either.

I’m not irritated with the fact that they think I may be dumb enough to open all the drawers at once, or that I may use the box for a 900 pound step ladder. What really got me was that they used such a serious adhesive to stick it to the side of the box. I had to use 3M adhesive remover to get it all off.