65. Welding The Sleeper Shut?

We all have a picture in mind of a bad truck. You know the one. That old spring suspension job you bounced around in. Or maybe that cab-over that froze your feet every winter. Or maybe it’s just an old, underpowered company truck with no air conditioning, and a laundry list of other needed repairs.

The truck we’re talking about is a Kenworth CBE from the 50s. CBE stands for cab beside engine. Much like a yard dog, the single cab was one seat wide, and on the left side. A small sleeper was installed directly behind the engine. Toasty warm, winter and summer. Follow the link to Trucksplanet.com and take a look at this gem. It’s so ugly that it’s cute. Kind of like that stray mutt you drug home from the pound.

This truck was hated by the drivers for many reasons. It was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Also, that sleeper was a death trap. One way in, one way out. In the event of an accident, the sleeping driver, assuming he could get any sleep in that coffin, was trapped. In fact, this was such a problem that the government required the sleeper doors to be welded shut. Most of these trucks were replaced by the cab-over trucks of the day.

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